All names are currently registered to Barry Stuart Lee Inc., owner / operator of, of which is a subdomain. Each name is kept in their own secure account at, protected by a unique login. Once we receive notification from PayPal that your payment has been received and verified, we will go into the account and change the ownership of the domain name to the information you supplied. Once that has been done, we will send you a congratulatory email along with the username and password for the account. Of course, once you are in the account you can change your password at any time and add all the personal information we have not requested. Please Note: Since we have to make the name change by hand, it may take one day turnaround time to complete the process.


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Every Domain Name is Available for $1750

6-Month, No-Interest Financing Offered

Easy 1-2-3 Step Registration Process

No Complicated Forms to Complete

All Private & Non-Intrusive

We Create Custom Names Upon Request

Note: before making your credit card payment it will ask you for a Description, enter "Domain Name Purchase", in the Price per item field, enter: $1750. Change the quantity only if you are purchasing more than one name


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1. The domain name(s) you want to purchase.

2. The registrant owner's name.

3. A company name (optional).

4. The email address where we can contact you.

Simply provide the above information in your registration email to Barry Lee. Once we've been notified by PayPal that the payment has been made, we'll register your name using the information supplied above and send you the login to your ownership account. Allow one day turn around time to give us the time to complete the process.

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