Money talks, especially when it comes to domain names. Although you can buy an average domain name for under 10 bucks, most people usually turn to their own company names. But for something that will help you create extra visability in the marketplace and boost profits, most take the easy route, and by default, lose out on all the benefits that creativiity can provide. In organic rankings you would do much better having a creative name inspired by a phrase someone would ordinarily use in a random search for your product or service.

Case in point: You're a plumber. It's 2:00 am and your potential customer is sitting in front of the computer in desperate need of a reasonably-priced plumber and doesn't want to call any of the big names for fear it might set them back an arm and a leg. So they type in a search that might say:

“I want the best plumber on long island cheap" and that search results in:


Or how about this: "I have a plumbing problem and need a cheap plumber" and the search yields the following result: plumbing problemsgone.com

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The red shows how the search engine matches keywords and phrases to the search inquiry. And your SEO might lead off with something like "We are the low-priced alternative to the big guys... " (And by the way, the two examples shown are among names we have available for sale on the next page).

Some wise entrepreneurs from long ago bought up all the most common idiomatic expressions and are selling them today, each for tens of thousands of dollars and some as high as six figures.

But because we are in the cheap ad agency group with the cheap philosophy, all our exclusive domain names sell each for the same low price. And they're all .com names, the most sought after name extension on the internet.

Go to our next page to learn the ready-made names we have in our inventory so far, or find out how you can add a few bucks and have us come up with a custom one just for you. Every name we offer is available at the same price for each. and taking ownership is quick and easy.

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